Rökstólar Samvinnumiðstöð



1, Recycling at tourist exposed areas - project nominated for a prize awarded by Nordic Council (see the nomination here: Nordic_council_nomination.pdf (516,8 kB)

Since there is a lack of recycling points for tourists in Iceland, we initiated a trial project in Dalvík with the aim to find out the most suitable and efficient ways for recycling at tourist exposed areas. The project has been granted a funding from National Tourist Board of Iceland and the trial was over at the end of September of 2011.

The project contributed to answering the following questions:

1, What kinds of waste are worth letting tourists sort out at tourist exposed areas (trial project aimed at campsites)?
2, How often shall the emptying take place in comparison to the number of guests and guestnights?
3, What is the average amount of waste per capita at tourist exposed areas and how much of it can be recycled?
4, What are the most economic bins prototypes to be used at tourist exposed areas, bearing in mind the emptying costs?
5, How can these bins be used for specially big events in small places (e.g. Fiskidagur mikli in Dalvík), if at all?

You can find the project report here: Final_report_2011.pdf (404,2 kB) and we believe that a plan for unified recycling at tourist exposed areas can be fully implemented soon.

A local company PROMENS has helped the project immensely by making the bins and donating them to a local municipality.