Rökstólar Samvinnumiðstöð


In September 2017,  3-year Strategic Partnership  SHE EMPOWERS (2014-2017) funded by the European Commission was completed.

The project focused on the issue of women´s unemployment, both in rural and urban areas and efficient ways that support women without jobs to fulfill their potential in the communities where they live. 

One of the important outputs of our Action Research is Competence Framework for Professionals Working With Unemployed Women, as we were interested in knowing what are the educational activities that professionals working with unemployed women need in order to service this target group in the most efficient way possible.

Rökstólar ran 2 pilot projects locally (Dalvík, Ólafsfjörður, Siglufjörður) in cross-sector cooperation and you can read more about our local Actions here.

2 Experimental European training modules for professionals and practitioners were run in 2017 as a part of our partnership and that Rökstólar has been  adjusting into Icelandic reality in cooperation with the relevant instituitons working on women´s empowerment.


In August 2017, 2-year Strategic Partnership SELF-DIRECTED LEARNING FOR EMPLOYMENT AND EMPLOYABILITY  ended. It was focused on the issue of long-term unemployeds and innovative ways of working with them while fostering holistic development of the person in innovative learning spaces based on Empowerment and Self-directed learning principles. You can enjoy two booklets: research results as well as recommendations on Learning Space models for unemployed.

Go ahead, make yourself good coffe or tea, download here and here, get into comfortable position and ENJOY reading. Looking forward to receiving any feedback you might have for us.

In September 2015, we organized and facilitated very successful  international training where we explored funding scheme of European volunteering projects and looked at the system as a whole: EVS SPIRIT took place at a beautiful venue of Héraðskólinn @  Laugarvatn, which we heartily recommend.

In July 2014, a 2-year international project Choose Your Learning, Choose Your Life funded by European Commission´s programme related to adult education called GRUNDTVIG came to an end. There were 4 partners involved (1x Germany, 2x Italy and us in Iceland) and Rökstólar were responsible for facilitating the project on the Icelandic side. 

One of the main aims was to explore a method of Self-directed Learning and its use within adult education and support adult educators in implementing the method. 
You can read more up-to-date details chronologically in the section called NEWS

In September 2013, To Live Is To Learn (edition 2) - an international training course financed by the Youth in Action program and supported by the Dutch National Agency took place in ARNHEM. Together with 2 other great colleague trainers Anna Wohlesser and Ann Daniels we developed this course last year and ran a refreshed and improved edition  to explore pluses and minuses and challenges of facilitaing Self-directed learning processes. It was a beuatiful learning journey with interesting discoveries that you can read about here.

In September 2012, To Live Is To Learn - an international training course financed by the Youth in Action program and supported by the Icelandic National Agency took place in REYKJAVÍK. Together with 2 other great colleague trainers Anna Wohlesser and Ann Daniels we initiated and developed this course from the scratch being totally passionate about Self-directed learning as an approach towards life and education. It was a groundbreaking experience and based on its success, we decided to run the second edition.

In February 2012 our daughter Sara Hrund Briem was born and thus the amount of educational activities was adjusted accordingly and we decided to take much less projects than usually. 

In September 2011, Rökstólar in cooperation with EUF and a trainer Pétur Björgvin Þorsteinsson completed a set of educational activities aimed at youth workers and representatives of municipalities to help them understand and use the programme Youth in Action better.

In May 2011, Rökstólar in cooperation with an international team of trainers completed a training course aimed at improving the work of mentors within the European Voluntary Service.

Since 2007 until now, we´ve been involved in running training cycles supporting self-development and learning  for EVS . Should you be interested in hearing more about the completed projects or get the references, do not hesitate to contact the following: