Rökstólar Samvinnumiðstöð


15/04/2019 09:40

Course in Iceland (ERASMUS+ for all / ERASMUS+ fyrir alla)

May 2nd 2019, in AKUREYRI (Rósenborg), between 13.00 - 17.00, we´re hosting a course in cooperation with the NATIONAL AGENCY for ERASMUS+ in Iceland.  The course focuses on work with INCLUSION and DIVERSITY (samfélag án aðgreiningar) with the age group (13-30) and helps participants from the...


04/04/2019 11:03


It´s our pleasure to announce 6th Skills sharing workshop that is coming up April 9th at 4.30 pm in a local library and that is designed and facilitated by Lenka. This time, the theme to be explored is all about breadmaking and sourdough and a local breadmaker will pay us a visit too :) More info...


05/02/2019 12:04

Local LEARNING LAB launching

With the new year, we´re freshly back in cooperation with the local library and are launching series of SKILLS SHARING WORKSHOPs in uniquely designed learning space. The first one is going to help us explore LEARNING and us as LEARNERs and we will decide together, what are the topics that we´d like...


11/12/2018 11:59


Christams is approaching and we at local LEARNING LAB want to offer last skills sharing workshop this year with the central theme - guess...Xmas, of course. Join us and ENJOY relaxing atmosphere with hidden surprises waiting for those who come. More info to be found here and remember that your...


15/11/2018 11:27


3rd SKILLs SHARING workshop offered in local library of Dalvík November 20th at 4.30pm is dedicated to CREATIONs and tips and tricks on how we can make something old into looking new and fresh again and MUCH MORE...For all those interested, please click here for more info.


23/10/2018 11:17

Local LEARNING LAB - knitting

Looking forward to welcoming all interested in the Learning Space of 21st century and exploring a topic of knitting and skills sharing together, while improving our LEARNING to LEARN competence. More about the event here.


02/10/2018 11:21

Local LEARNING LAB - braiding hair

Rökstólar in cooperation with local library offers a series of SKILLS SHARING workshops for the locals in Dalvik. The even is family friendly and Icelandic language is not a must. We look forward to learning together and from each other. This time, the topic is braiding hair and more info can be...


08/06/2018 13:46

Rökstólar won a grant

We´re glad to share the news about the success of our application for an Icelandic granting scheme specifically targeted at businesses run by women called ATMK. Enjoy watching a video here and if you feel like reading more about the scheme click here. Gratitude and looking forward to continuing the...


30/04/2018 11:32

Rökstólar goes LOCAL

We´re really proud and glad to share that Rökstólar got a chance to introduce our course offer on communication skills, particularly for educators and parents in a local library of Dalvík. Big thanks goes to the boss of the library Björk and also all those who could make it and joined us. You can...


01/09/2017 00:00

SHE EMPOWERS completed

After EMPOWERING 3 years in a Strategic Partnership of 5 European countries, we´re proud to share outcomes of a very powerful projects with long-term mutliplying effect. Enjoy the read as well as the courses that we´ll offer from now on, not only in Europe but also locally in Iceland. You can sign...