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Cooperation is a key word not only for tourism industry. Efficient cooperation, well facilitated, helps not only plan and implement but also evaluate work so that we can learn from mistakes and improve things even more in the future. Cooperative projects, based on efficient communication strengthen working relationship between parties involved and enable to use and allocate available resources better.


Rökstólar offer professional facilitator´s service for both, long-term and short-term projects. We have had extensive experience with international projects and also projects on national level, be it in Slovakia, Czech Republic or Iceland.

  • If you have a concrete project
    and need to contract a facilitator, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can agree on the best way of cooperation.
  • If you have an idea and would like to carry out a project
    and are not sure how to to proceed, do get in touch with us and we´ll figure out how can our project management knowledge help you make your dream come true.


We invite you to read more on Rökstólar´s project involvement in the sections of Past and Current projects.



As an example, we´re providing a description of a potential project you could contract us for.

Eyjafjordur and Troll Peninsula in the North of Iceland are a ‘living’ example, where municipal borders can be an obstacle  to efficient cooperation in tourism. Last common brochure promoting the whole fjord with all its municipalities was published in 1999. One of the ways how to minimize these obstacles is strengthening the cooperation between public and private bodies trough cooperative cluster initiations. Rökstólar is ready to support such clusters and act as a facilitator of such. As, Eyafjordur and Troll Peninsula, like some other interesting destinations in Iceland, lack branding, cluster can be one of the ways how to help promotion and branding of the area.