Rökstólar Samvinnumiðstöð

Learning mobility in Italy

26/03/2014 11:28

After a successfull learning mobility in Berlin in March (Inga Sigrún Atladóttir, headmaster of Svalbarðseyri basic school attended on behalf of Iceland), we´re offering all those interested a similar visit, this time in Italy.

If you want to get inspired and get new insights for your work in formal educational settings, then Learning mobility in Italy is something for you. Between May 12th - 15th 2014, a 2-day Learning mobility is taking place in Padova and Venice filled with 3 visits to schools active in formal education. This mobility is financed by the Lifelong Learning Programme and co-organized by Rökstólar, which means that your transport, board and accommodation costs are covered. We encourage all interested to check out the advert here: Advert.pdf (116053) with more details. DDL to apply is March 30th 2014.