Rökstólar Samvinnumiðstöð


02/10/2014 22:22

Testing, testing, testing

It is a standard in Iceland, I understand, that each 2,5 year old child undergoes a check related to maturity. Since our first child - Sara Hrund turned 2,5 in August 2014, we recently received a letter from a local medical center inviting us for such check too. The letter,...


Fascinated by the miracle of how children come to us and what they bring to us and being interested in LEARNING, I could not do otherwise, but share my personal experience too, once I became a mother myself. Experiencing life, also through the lenses of my own 2 offsprings, I would love to use the space here to bring up striking thoughts, concerns and A-ha moments, as they come my 'MaMaLenka' way, while enjoying life in our complex world changing so fast.